GeoContent GmbH

Roof-top address points

We define geo-referenced building addresses as an extensive database of buildings. Next to the centre coordinate, this database includes the mailing address as well as official municipality and roadmap keys. It is kept up-to-date by connecting to the roadmap data of leading developers, and gets verified by comparison to the Digital aerial photography map DLK®. This data is processed by the GeoCoder.


This exact localisation allows precise statements in micro-geographical areas as well as diverse uses in geographic information systems and internet portals. Excerpts of aerial photographs can be located via mailing addresses, and task dependent geo coding of objects such as hotels, subsidiaries, administrative buildings, or emergency telephones can be performed quickly and precisely.

Building file GCO/A (GVHK)

“Building file GCO/A” (Geo-Coded Objects/Addresses) integrates the building coordinates of the surveyors offices of the states. These building coordinates originate from the official land registers (real estate map and real estate book) and represent the position of the address number or the boundary line for the land registered.

GeoMaster (T-COM)

The  “GeoMaster” is based on address data and coordinates of the T-COM’s network end points. Coordinates signify the respective building connection.

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