GeoContent GmbH

GeoContent offer an extensive service, to enable you to ascertain existing addresses from coordinates. Based on GeoContent’s comprehensive building information, with house specific roof-top address points in Germany, as well as the service provided by our GeoCoder (consult the Lexicon), we implement a variety of GeoCoder services:


  • Geocoding of individual addresses
    allows you to enter an address online, via a search facility, and the exact coordinates are returned.
  • Geocoding from an address list
    (ASCII, Excel, Access, etc). The result would also be provided in our web space.
  • Geocoding with subsequent manual editing
    In conjunction with the geocoding through our server, we test the allocated addresses additionally for plausability. 


We deliver the address information/geo-coordinates in a common format (ASCII, Excel, Access, etc.) as well as a suitable coordinate system according to your specifications.


Alternatively, you can also combine our GeoCoder as a web service, via an interface in your software (XML based data transfer). For more information, please use our navigation menu, select “Web services“ and then “GeoCoder”

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