• Aerosoft GmbH
    - Inselhüpfen GERMAN AIRFIELDS, Add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X 
    - Real GERMANY, Add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • ALPSTEIN GmbH, UB Geographie & Tourismus
    ADAC Wander&RadKarte TourGuide Schwarzwald
  • BUHL Data Service GmbH
    D-SAT 7, New edition of the famous D-SAT range with aerial photos
  • BVVG Bodenverwertungs- und -verwaltungs GmbH, Berlin
    Equipped with digital orthophotos for the entire content of the new German states including Berlin
  • Euro-Cities AG/
    Completely equipped with a digital aerial photo map (DLK - Digitale Luftbildkarte/Digital Aerial Map)
  • Filmprojekt GG19
    Conversion from aerial photos into film sequences.
  • GelbeSeiten, Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche
    Aerial, hybrid and map views, as well as house specific points of interest Geocoding in all portals.
  • Geopunkt GmbH & Co. KG Jena
    Delivery of aerial photos and geocoding for the city information system.
  • Google Earth/Google Maps
    Delivery of ca. 90% of the orthophotos of Germany
  • GoYellow
    Production of house specific points of interest on the aerial and hybrid portal views.
  • IHK Magdeburg
    InfoGIS for the web based access to all Geodata levels.
  • iruhr
    Wolfgang Berke shows with his new bicycle guide "Grüne Route Ruhr" a very easy new way to navigate on the basis of aerials.
  • K2-Computer Softwareentwicklung GmbH
    Producer of the CAD-Systems GeoVision3. From Version 7.1 it is possible to link directly to the aerial photo information from GeoContent online.
  • klickTel AG
    Aerial, Hybrid and Map display in the Klicktel-Portal
  • Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
    Delivery of digital Orthophotos for the entire city
  • MESO WebScapes
    Meso developed an Online-Game for FERRERO on the basis of aerial photos.
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth
    Delivery of aerial photos in 1-Meter resolution from the whole of Germany
    Aerial photos of the German North Sea coast for sea navigation systems.
  • PROGIS Software GmbH
    Delivery of the DLK for machine rings
  • Solvay Werke Bernburg
    Photogrammetry analysis (Delivery of digital orthophotos and highly specific digital terrain model including embankment mapping)
  • Sony Pictures/Post Mortem
    Delivery of aerial photos for the RTL TV Series „Post Mortem“ starring Hannes Jaenicke
  • Stadt Magdeburg
    Delivery of Digital Orthophotos (20 cm, RGB + CIR)
  • Verlag MD Sport, Inh. V. Laube, Magdeburg
    Die neue Arena in Magdeburg: Eine Vision wird Wirklichkeit
  • Advertising agencies, Newspapers and Press
    Orthophotos and oblique photos for brochures, expansive spaces, Online-Games
  • Wissen Media Verlag
    Delivery of aerial photo extracts for the Deutschland-Atlas
  • ZDF (Redaktion Frontal 21)
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